Corona Virus. Part One

Nose and Sinuses. Part Four
March 7, 2020
Corona Virus. Part Two
March 29, 2020

It’s the only subject occupying the TV, press, radio and social media at the moment and the collective pressure and worry is increasing day by day. There is a lot of fear, humour, scaremongering and advice both helpful and not so helpful out there and as I have been asked by friends and clients of how I personally approach these worrying times I thought I would share my practices with you today and perhaps the coming weeks. I do hope that they are helpful to you and as always, I wish you health and happiness, stay safe and well.

  • When worries and fears come, think STOP in capital letters in your head, then think of all of the blessings in your life.

Be mindful that there is not only bad news out there but also some amazing positives, for example the way that nature is thriving as a result of the slowing down of pollution with Venice canals becoming crystal clear with fish and the return of dolphins to Italy’s coast line.

Furthermore, in recent days China has closed down its last Corona virus hospitals and reporting minimal cases. However, don’t overthink things, or analysis the situation, concentrate on you and your family and try to help others where possible.

  • Take Rescue Remedy drops under the tongue when needed to comfort and reassure.
  • Remember, what you think of most you draw into your life, so focus on what makes you happy, focus on health and positivity
  • Smudge/energetically cleanse your home. Burning sagecan help to release “negative energy”.
  • Practice the following breathing exercise to increase lung strength and lift your mood. This is a good one to practice with your children as it is fun.

Sit quietly and take a deep breath, on the exhalation make the following sounds 10 times.

Take another deep breath and move on to the next sound. And so on… On the final sound relax and see where the sound takes you, it may make you laugh and certainly smile.

HO (rounded mouth)

See previous blogs on lung meditation and lung health.

  • Get busy!
  • Stuck at home? Lots of online courses have become available, some even free.
  • Exercise at home in garden or outside avoiding other people.
  • Practice yoga.
  • Walk in nature if possible or ride a bike.
  • Read a good book.
  • Get a good sleeping routine
  • Catch up on my past blogs! at

Diet and supplementation

  • Do not eat animal products at this time.
  • Avoid sugar including high carb foods) when possible.
  • Eat millet, brown rice and barley.
  • Eat seasonally, increasing fruit and green vegetable consumption, particularly beetroot and sour cabbage.
  • Frequently clean the nostrils Sterimar or a saltwater solution or Bancha Tea using a neti pot/ sinus rinse bottle. Or use 2 to 3 drops of olive oil to clean the nostrils. See my previous blog
  • Research Colloidal silver and use as desired.
  • Use Propolis spray for the throat, it is both a natural antibiotic and an immune booster.
  • Take propolis capsules daily to boost immunity and increase protection from upper respiratory infections
  • Take good quality, high strength Vitamin C and Zinc supplements.
  • Sip Bancha tea throughout the day
  • Take Arsenicum Album 30C (A homeopathy solution) before and after travel or for any stomach issues.
  • Consider taking Vitamin K2 to support your health
  • Drink lemon with hot water to cleanse, boost and alkalize the body.
  • Consume ginger and garlic in foods and drinks to increase the body’s immunity.
  • Use a Vitamin D spray daily
  • Take Quercetin – 500mg per day
  • 3) Oreganol P73 – 2 drops x 3 times a day. Hold drops under the tongue drink it down with water after one minute). This is a powerful anti-viral.The Oreganol P73  is the ONLY type I would recommend as it is true multi-strain wild crafted and has been clinically tested numerous times.
  • Take a good multi spectrum probiotic at night.

Practice meditation

I practice and enjoy the following simple and helpful meditation.

Sit in a quiet place (if you can while self-isolating with your family!) Smile to yourself and imagine that you are in a golden bubble that protects you while it removes negative energy and sends it far away into the universe while simultaneously bring only positive and happy energy to you. Imagine this first for yourself, then include your family and then your friends into this bubble.












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