Corona Virus. Meditation Part Three

Corona Virus. Meditation Part Two
May 4, 2020
Corona Virus. Meditation Part Four
May 11, 2020

Meditation continued from previous blog…

As you move your arm into the yellow light, you start to feel strength and personal power throughout your whole body and you know you can overcome any challenge in your life – you are stronger than that! You feel you can climb a mountain, just in this very moment, there are simply no obstacles for you.

You are connected to the world, to the things you love, your achievements and goals, accepting wishes, feelings and desires. You feel happy relaxed and balanced.

Your limph and immune system is strengthening, viruses and bacteria trapped in your body are being pushed out and you feel more and increasingly strong and in control. You are not afraid of life, you love and appreciate your life exactly as it is, in this very moment.





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