Exercise after sleep. Part Two

Exercise after sleep. Part Three
April 4, 2018
Evening exercise routine. Part One
April 11, 2018

“And then we continue tapping.

To start, tap the area between the eyebrows (stimulating the bladder meridian), followed by the temples (stomach meridian), under the eyes (gall bladder), the area between the nose and the mouth (stimulates the brain).

With an open palm slap under the armpits (helping the lymphatic system and spleen)
Karate chop the sides of the hands, stimulating the whole immune system and strengthening the meridians.
Tap the stomach

Shake the legs one at a time, shake the arms one at a time, shake the whole body.
Rotate the shoulders backwards five times and then forwards five times, raise the shoulders up to the ears and release them 5 times. Repeat the shoulder rotating exercise.

Tip your head forward, backwards, left and right, two times, circle your head VERY SLOWLY in one direction, then in the other direction two times
Rotate your hips five times one way and then five times the other way. Start with small circles gradually getting bigger.
Finally, shake whole body again.

When you exercise simply notice how you are moving your body, what you are feeling and how you breath” Dr Mirella

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