Healing Meditation For Releasing Negative Energy. Part One

Morning Meditation.
June 27, 2018
Healing Meditation For Releasing Negative Energy. Part Two
July 11, 2018

“Practice this meditation once or twice a week to keep emotional energy in balance.

Sit comfortably in a chair with legs uncrossed or on the floor. Take a moment to collect your presence and allow a calm, awake state to pervade your body and mind.

When you are ready, smile at your organs and begin the cleansing phase.

Cleansing with White Light Energy

  1. Accumulate energy from the Universe: bring your arms up as if to hold a tray with your palms facing upwards towards the sky.


  1. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale see if you can sense the white light energy coming from above. Feel it becoming heavier and heavier in your palms.


  1. Women: place your right hand on your stomach and left hand on your chest.


  1. Men: place your left hand on your stomach and right hand on your chest.


  1. Tune into the white light coming from above, entering through your crown and descending to your chest in an anticlockwise, swirling motion like a Tornado.


  1. Allow the white light, along with any hot or discharging negative energy, to release down your body through:
  • Both arms, wrists, hands, fingers and finger tips and out into the universe; and
  • Both legs, feet, tows and toe tips, and into the earth.


  1. Shake your hands, repeat steps 1-5 and see if you can breathe and relax a bit more.


Being involved in other people’s happiness brings you to a real sense of life” Dr Mirella






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