Healing the Kidneys. Part Fifteen

Healing the Kidneys. Part Fourteen
March 4, 2022
Healing the Kidneys. Part Sixteen
March 29, 2022

Healing the Kidneys


Exercise to Stimulate the Kidneys. Part One 

Start with your left hand and repeat steps 1-7 on your right hand. 

  1. In circular motions, massage the highest (heart) line on your palm three times.
  2. On the same line, stroke downwards and upwards three times.
  3. In circular motions, massage the entire palm three times.
  4. In circular motions, massage each finger bottom to top, starting with the little finger and finishing
    with the thumb, three times…                                           to be continued.

“Be clear between right and wrong on your life path” Dr Mirella

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