Healing the Kidneys. Part Four

Healing the Kidneys. Part Three
October 19, 2021
Healing the Kidneys. Part Five
November 4, 2021

Healing the Kidneys

Common Problems

  • Swelling in the legs
  • Lower back pain
  • Low energy or chronic fatigue
  • Frequent urinary tract or bladder infections
  • Reproductive disorders

Common indicators of kidney and related imbalances

  • Face—Horizontal lines and swelling in the upper part of the forehead indicates swelling in the bladder and accumulation of fluid.
  • Eyes—Puffiness under the eyes indicates excessive fluid in the body; excessive liquid pulls around the eyeballs could indicate excretory and circulatory system disorders.
  • Skin—Dark areas on the face, especially under the eyes.
  • Ears—Red discolouration around the outer edges of the ears indicates that the kidneys are swollen. Wax build-up indicates fatty deposits in the urethra. 

“If you want to walk under the rainbow, take the first steps” Dr Mirella

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