Healing the Organs of the Metal Element

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September 5, 2018
Anatomy and Physiology of the Lungs
September 19, 2018

Chinese Five Element: Metal

Primary Organ: Lungs

Secondary Organ: Large intestine

Outer Organ: Nose

Bodily System: Respiratory

Governs Skin/ Hair

Color: White

Scent: Rotten

Taste: Spicy

Healthy Temperature: Cool, Dry

Vibration: Trembling, Weeping, Gasps for air

Healing Sound: Ssss

Emotions Balanced/Imbalanced : Courage/ Depression

Function in Life Strength, Stability

Energetic Quality: Condensing

Healing the lungs

“When in harmony, metal energy fills you with forgiveness, courage, stability, generosity and righteousness. Each breath you take is even, full and measured, fostering health, clarity and grounding in body and mind.

The lungs are the primary organ of the Metal Element. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the lungs govern the large intestine, skin, nose and sinuses.

If you have problems with your large intestine, skin, nose or sinuses, follow the recommendations for the lungs closely.


Always take care of yourself as would a loving mother, understanding but not judging your actions.”Dr Mirella












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