Large Intestine. Part Eighteen

Large Intestine. Part Twenty Two
November 15, 2019
Large Intestine. Part Twenty Three
November 21, 2019

Affirmation for the Large Intestine

Go to the mirror, look into it and say aloud: “I am worthy of love”.

Repeat the phrase several times each day.

Healing Meditation for the Large Intestine

Before doing the Healing Meditation for the large intestine, please complete the Cleaning with White Light Energy and the Healing with Blue Light Energy for the liver. See previous blogs ‘Diagnosis and treatment for lung and related imbalances’ Part Seventeen through to thirty.

If you have enough energy and time, or if you know you have an imbalance in your large intestine or supporting organs, the cleaning and healing phase for black holes is recommended. After the general cleaning and healing phases, if you do not wish to focus on black holes simply skip from “Healing with the Blue Light Energy” to “Sealing and Protecting you Healing Session with Silver Light Energy.”


“Look at yourself, in the mirror and start the conversation” Dr Mirella

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