Large Intestine. Part Sixteen

Large Intestine. Part Fifteen
September 20, 2019
Large Intestine. Part Seventeen
October 5, 2019

Healing the Large Intestine

Left Foot

  1. Massage the entire foot in a circular motion three times.
  2. Massage in circles the second and third toes and toenails, from bottom to top, three times.
  3. Start below the big toe just above the redness of the heel and massage in circular motions in small steps to the opposite side of the foot, to below the fourth toe.
  4. Massage the point for five seconds.
  5. Step up to the halfway point of the foot, just below the fourth toe, and press the point for five seconds.
  6. Rub your hands, focus your healing intent and cover the colon area for 30 seconds.
  7. Put your right hand on the right foot and left hand on the left foot, covering the area for the large intestine for 30 seconds.


Exercise for Rectum and Anus Inflammation

This exercise is good for pain associated with inflammation in the rectum.
Use your thumb and index finger to gently squeeze behind Achilles’ tendons down to up the heel 10 times.


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