Large Intestine. Part Twenty Four

Large Intestine. Part Twenty Three
November 21, 2019
Large Intestine. Part Twenty Five
December 8, 2019

Large Intestine Healing the Large Intestine

Healing with Blue Light Energy

  1. Begin by accumulating energy from the universe by bringing your arms up as if to hold a tray— your palms facing upwards towards the sky. Take a deep breath and, as you exhale, see if you can sense the blue light energy coming from above. Feel it becoming heavier and heavier in your palms.
  2. In the same manner as Part 22 (Blog 13th November), merge your own energy with the blue light by placing your right hand on your navel and left hand on your stomach. Spiral the blue light from your navel:
  • into your right hand;
  • from your right hand to your left hand; and
  • from your left hand into your stomach.
  • Tune into blue light energy coming from above, entering through the crown of your head and shining into your body.


“It is never too late to create a new life for yourself, love and patience is all that’s needed.” Dr Mirella







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