Large Intestine. Part Twenty Three

Large Intestine. Part Eighteen
November 20, 2019
Large Intestine. Part Twenty Four
November 28, 2019

Large Intestine

Healing the Large Intestine

Intestinal Cleaning Continued

4.Follow the white beam of light through the:

  • oesophagus,
  • stomach,
  • small intestine,
  • large intestine,
  • rectum and anal canal,
  • down through the legs (second and third toes) and arms, through to thumbs, into the universe, and into the ground.

5. Shake your hands and repeat steps 1-4 (three to five times), while allowing any grey, sick energy 
to stream down:

both arms, through the fifth and second fingers and thumbs, and out into the universe.

both legs, through the feet and second and third toes, and into the ground.

6. Recite the triple warmer sound, “Hee”, six times.

“Love has many forms and shapes, recognise and understand them”. Dr Mirella




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