Meditation for Dealing with Grief or Loss

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August 29, 2018
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September 12, 2018


1. “Sit comfortably in a chair with your legs uncrossed or on the floor. Take a moment to collect your presence and allow a calm, awake state to pervade your body and mind.


2. Imagine you are in a beautiful and safe place, somewhere you know well or a sunny place with a blue sky. When you look around, everything is green and full of beautiful flowers. Smell the flowers and feel your lungs expanding more and more with every in-breath.


3. You see a mountain in the distance with snow on the top. As you walk towards it, the ocean shoreline appears in front of you.


4. You breathe deep and become relaxed, your mind is quiet. In the distance you see a dolphin coming your way. It’s beautiful with shiny skin, smiling into your eyes. It seems familiar, you want to swim out and play with it.


5. Go into the ocean, the dolphin is waiting for you. You can talk telepathically to him or her. He /She is asking you to play. You jump on his/her back and travel together. It’s beautiful.


6. He /She jumps into the water. Suddenly you realise you can breathe under the water. Colours are changing from green to red to blue, indigo to white. You feel happy, safe, calm and relaxed. Unconditional love permeates through your entire body. The dolphin is happy too. You hear his laugh and feel his love. You feel anything is possible.


7. Hop off at the shoreline to take a photo of the dolphin. It’s time to say goodbye. The dolphin kisses you, smiles at you and leaves. He becomes smaller and smaller on the horizon as he disappears.


8. Nearby is your cottage with all your favourite things- carpets, curtains, books, music and a little photo studio. Go to the studio to develop a photo just as you like, black and white or colour, big or small. It’s going to be perfect in every way.


9. When it’s finished, hang it in your favourite room.


10. Looking at the picture will make the dolphin always be a part of your life. You can come here anytime you want and feel the beauty of the dolphin and it’s unconditional love.


Inside of us is a deep ocean, we just need to dive into it and investigate.”Dr Mirella












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