Meditation for Diminishing Pain – Part One

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July 18, 2018
Meditation for Diminishing Pain – Part Two
August 1, 2018

“In order to work on diminishing pain in meditation, you must locate exactly where the pain resides in your body.

Sit comfortably in a chair with legs uncrossed or on the floor. Take a moment to collect your presence and allow a calm, awake state to pervade your body and mind.

When you are ready, smile at the place where you feel pain and begin the cleansing phase.


 Cleansing with White Light Energy

  1. Accumulate energy from the universe: bring your arms up as if to hold a tray with your palms facing upwards toward the sky.


  1. Take a deep breath and, as you exhale, see if you can sense the white light energy coming from above. Feel it becoming heavier in your palms.


  1. Rub your hands together, then put them on the painful place. Try to feel what it looks like. Is it heavy or light, big or small, sharp or dull and what colour is it?


  1. Once you locate the pain, put your fingers on the centre of it and massage the spot with your fingers, making 36 clockwise circles, then 36 anticlockwise circles.


  1. Breathe into it until you feel it dissipate downwards.


  1. Tune into the white light coming from above, moving in anticlockwise circles from the centre of the painful area out.


  1. Imagine your spiritual hands carefully extracting the pain.


  1. Place the pain in a box, set the box afloat at the shore of the ocean and watch it float away.


  1. Shake your hands and repeat steps 1-8 (three times) while allowing any pain to stream down:
  • Both arms, hand and fingers, and out into the universe.
  • Both legs, through the feet and all of the toes, and into the ground.


Your destiny is in your own hands, take charge, it is in your power.” Dr Mirella












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