Meditation. Part Five

Meditation. Part Four
May 16, 2018
Meditation. Part Six
May 30, 2018

M-Method Healing Meditation

“After preparing your physical and mind space for meditation, the M-Method approach involves five phases:


  • Opening your healing session and accumulating universal light energy


  • Cleansing with white light energy


  • Healing with blue light energy


  • Targeting black holes or vulnerable places


  • Sealing your healing session


Caveats of Cycling through the Five Phases of Meditation

Now you are prepared to begin the healing meditation techniques that follow. To get the best results, go through all five phases, taking as much time as you need for each phase. Working with energy is all about subtlety, investigating that which is beyond the obvious and may not be immediately apparent. Healing sessions should always begin with preparing your space and warming up, and end with the closing exercises described in the pages that follow to ensure the proper transition into and out of practice, as well as a focused, healing intent for meditation.

However, if you find you cannot practice the entire five- phase sequence—because you don’t have the energy or time, distractions cause agitation, or for any reason – it is better not to rush the process. In this case, skip to closing your healing session at one of two alternative points:

  • After cleaning phase; or
  • After completing the healing phase.

Disconnecting in the middle of the cleaning or healing process is not recommended as it can leave your energy imbalanced and the subconscious mind with a sense of incompletion.

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