Meditation. Part One

April 20, 2018
Meditation. Part Two
May 2, 2018

“After talking about recommended exercises and improving sleep routines, it would be good to now consider meditation and how in can bring balance to our lives.

The healing meditation techniques described in this blog and those that follow are derived from simplified versions of what i do for my patents in private sessions. You must become comfortable with that which is straightforward and which you can do in a relaxed manner before you can successfully add in more complicated refinements. Carefully following each step without rushing the process or skipping steps is important to developing your ability and success with healing.

Be sure to take proper care to prepare your space before any meditation practices.

Preparing Your Space.

Part of setting the stage for healing involves preparing your physical space in a way that signals to your subconscious that you are present and ready to create positive change.

Wear loose, cotton comfortable clothing and take off any excess jewellery.

Find a quiet, pleasant place and adjust the lighting to a minimum.

Turn off all electronic devices.

Use essential oils for smell and aromatherapy, or light incense but be sure to place it in a safe place.

Position a crystal near by.

If you are working with a particular colour, you could bring items of that colour into the space to induce its effects.

Entering a state of meditation can release us from the worrying and fearful world and help us to gratefully take each moment as it comes.” Dr Mirella



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