Meditation. Part Seven.

Meditation. Part Six continued.
June 6, 2018
Healing Meditation.
June 21, 2018

Targeting Black Holes

“During our lifetime, we hold onto many negative emotions, which become trapped in our internal organs. Over time, they are like seeds, sowing and growing and can eventually make us sick. For example, the lungs store depression, grief and sadness. I call these troubled places where negative emotions get stuck “black holes”.  Sensations that indicate a black hole could be anything from numbness, charged or negative emotions, physical discomfort, spacing out or becoming drowsy. I call them black holes because they seem to suck the sense of space right out of you.


After cleaning and healing a specific organ – or perhaps in all of your organs- you may discover areas that still don’t seem to improve. They may seem dead. Feel hard, dark or weaker/tougher than surrounding areas. They may require more than general cleaning and healing. You can clean these black holes with a very simple energy healing. Healing meditations for dealing with black holes or the specific negative emotions associated with an organ will follow in future blogs to help you target and release these places.


Do your best not to lose the plot, following stories in your head as a result of the imbalances you may discover. Try to stay focused on the methodology and applying your healing intent throughout the process, which will take energy enough!


Strengthening Your Connection to the Universe 

You must always seal your healing session and apply either silver or golden light energy for protection and to maintain your connection to the universe and your higher purpose after meditation is complete.


When you are challenged, change the situation and go on a new path” Dr Mirella




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