Meditation. Part Six

Meditation. Part Five
May 24, 2018
Meditation. Part Six continued.
June 6, 2018

Meditation. Part Six

 Using Universal Light Energy to Cleanse and Heal
“Through the five phases we’ll use universal light energy to heal.

White Light
The perfect colour of balance and the colour of the highest spirit. The light is protecting and healing. I use white for cleansing because it’s the purest of the colours, so nothing is there to taint it.

Silver Light
Silver is a power-development tool, so use it sparingly to seal some healing sessions. However, I‘ve found it’s particularly good for some people. Silver light is a nourishing, sustaining energy, promoting growth, awareness, receptivity, and calms the emotions.

Golden light
Golden light resonates at the highest frequency, connecting us to higher dimensions and states of consciousness. Golden light protects the sanctity of our spiritual work here on this planet and, in this way, helps keep us on our paths.

Purple Light
Purple representing higher self, uplifting, calming mind and nerves, spirituality, creativity and imagination.

Indigo Light
Indigo associated with intuition and integrity.  A good colour light for calming feelings of worry, panic or despair.

Blue Light 
Blue is the greatest antiseptic colour of the world, according to Dr Edwin Babbit in his book, The principles of Life in Colour.  I find that blue often has a sedative effect, signifying fielty and trustworthiness.

Green Light
Green light is also a healing colour, rampant in nature and of the earth. Green soothes mind and body, and is specifically linked to love and compassion.

Yellow Light
Yellow light is very uplifting and can even increase metabolism. I use the colour when working with the organs of the Earth Element.

Orange Light
Orange light represents compassion, sexuality, mental activity, enhances happiness and is good for a wounded heart.

Red Light
Red light can be used to energise and root you to the planet, or to aid the release of negative energy into the earth.

Generally, if you are attempting to connect to the energy of the earth and the red light energy is moving upwards, it’s a positive, energizing experience. However, if red light energy rises uncontrollably or at times when you are not attempting to connect to the earth’s energy you should focus on releasing it downwards and into the earth. Do not let discharging energies ascend upwards.

Other Colours
If other colours come to you in meditation, investigate what they represent. If they aid your ability to follow with the meditation protocol, then by all means include them. However, if you find focusing on colour difficult, or you are not clear about how to apply the other colour(s), it’s best to stick with the colours as suggested.

The best thing to see in people is their intention. If their intention is good, their heart is good too” Dr Mirella

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