Neutralising Negative Emotional Energy. Part One

Vanishing Pain
August 15, 2018
Neutralising Negative Emotional Energy. Part Two
August 29, 2018
  1. “Sit comfortably in a chair with your legs uncrossed or on the floor. Relax and breathe while you take a moment to collect your presence, and allow a calm, awake state to pervade your body and mind.


  1. Relax and recite each of the healing sounds six times each:


  • Lungs: “Sss”
  • Kidneys: “Choo”
  • Liver: “ Shhh”
  • Heart: “Haww”
  • Spleen: “Whoo”
  • Triple warmer: “Hee”


  1. Ask your guide (or trustworthy companion) to come and stay with you for support.


  1. Imagine you are walking into a beautiful house. You feel safe and protected as you enter. On your left you see an old-fashioned lift waiting for you. You can enter on your own, with your guide or somebody you trust.


  1. You see a shiny panel with buttons, each labeled with the name of the organ. The first button is your lungs. Press the button and then wait for the lift to stop. When the doors open, you and your guide (or trustworthy companion)exit the lift together.


  • Button 1 = lungs
  • Button 2= kidneys
  • Button 3=liver
  • Button 4= heart
  • Button 5 =spleen
  • Button 6 = triple warmer


  1. Everything is dark, but you have big torches on your heads and you still feel safe and protected.


  1. Next, you both put your torches on the highest beam and look around. If any area is darker than the rest of the lungs, just go there and look at it. Note how you felt. Are you scared? Sad? Depressed? Or do you feel any other emotions even if they are not associated with the lungs?


  1. Take a deep breath and, holding hands with your guide, jump into the darkness, into the black hole. The journey may be short or long, but whatever the distance just allow your intuition to guide you.


  1. When you touch down at the bottom, just rest for a second.


Each day is truly exciting, it brings us something new and adventurous. Learn from yesterday, enjoy now and smile for tomorrow” Dr Mirella












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