Neutralising Negative Emotional Energy. Part Two

Neutralising Negative Emotional Energy. Part One
August 23, 2018
Meditation for Dealing with Grief or Loss
September 5, 2018

 10. “Then, look at your feet. What are you wearing on your feet? On the lower part of your body? On the upper part of your body? On your head? How old are you? What is your name? Are you female or male? Very often, we bring negative emotions from another life, but mostly they come from our present life.


11. Are you now inside or outside? Is anybody with you? What is your connection to any person there? Remember that your companion is there to guide you and protect you. Feel free to ask any questions if you need to.


12. Observe and feel your way through the experience. See what happens. See what you saw. Hear what you heard. Feel what you felt. Again, you are holding your guide’s hand, and you are safe and protected. Go through the experience two more times.


13. When the experience is over, have a break and then ask yourself what the best solution was in that particular case. What positives could you have done instead? Try to see as many positive details as possible. So you are experiencing the same circumstances again, but imagine you are witnessing with the positive outcome you would have wanted, as if you were watching the events unfold on a television screen.


14. Go through the experience two more times.


15. Dissociate yourself from and cut the cords between you and the negative experience. If you find this difficult, call upon your guide and ask him/her to do it for you with big golden scissors. Again, tap into the peacefulness and relaxation with which you started.


Then, pick up your torch and scan around to see if there are any other black holes out there. One of two possibilities will arise:

You realise you are standing in a healthy part of your lungs and that the hole has gone;

You still sense that a black hole is present, than another circumstance must need to be dealt with and you will repeat the process until the black hole disappears.

Whatever the case, at the end of the healing, just relax, breathe and gently transition into your normal activities.



We all have happy lives, different lives, special lives. We are all part of the same universal school.”Dr Mirella












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