Healing the Skin and Hair. Part Fourteen

Healing the Skin and Hair. Part Thirteen
February 8, 2021
Healing the Skin and Hair. Part Fifteen
February 26, 2021

Healing the Skin and Hair

Healing Exercises for Hair Growth

Be sure to complete the preceding general cleansing and healing phases before moving on to any of the exercises in this section.

Hair Loss

Each morning:

Rub your hands together, focus your healing intent and place your hands on your head for five

Stroke your hair lovingly like you would a child’s hair and talk to it. Tell it how much you
appreciate it being there for you, how beautiful it is and that you love it.

Imagine yourself with the hair you want and ask it to grow and be strong.



“I don’t want to go back for you, new adventures are waiting for me.” Dr Mirella 


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