Healing the Skin and Hair. Twenty Eight

Healing the Skin and Hair. Twenty Seven
July 13, 2021
Corona Virus. Timely Reminder
August 30, 2021

Healing the skin

Healing Meditation for Skin Cancer (Optional) 

Sealing and Protecting Your Healing Session with Golden Light Energy 

  1. Tune into the healing golden light coming from above.
  2. Allow it to penetrate and engulf your lungs and skin, then encircle and surround your whole
  3. Direct the golden light into any cancerous area, one by one, and see if you can get them to shrink
    in the luminous light energy.
  4. Leave the golden light behind to seal your meditation session and allow your subconscious to protect and continue the healing. 

Breathe and slowly transition into your normal activities when you are ready. 


“The Universe is always on my side” Dr Mirella 


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