With an undreamt-of generosity of heart and spirit, Mirella truly understands the many facets of human distress. Qualified in a number of traditional and non-traditional therapies, Mirella genuinely wants to help people to find solutions to deal with life’s challenging situations. Mirella teaches us how to embrace both aspects of human life, the positive and the negative, and how to accept, learn and enjoy it.


Mirella has been instrumental in getting our lives back on track after what was an exceptionally distressful time in our lives (my son who was 4 at the time) and myself.
Mirella brought me out safely during a traumatic marriage breakdown, which was aggressive and belittling, which could have turned extremely dangerous – she managed me in during this uncertain time, through to a safe passage for all, especially when at times, we could not see a way out.
We moved back to London at a time when we had no school for my boy and a home which was not 100% we would get, high stress at work and very little support from family and not being in touch with a number of friends again, with Mirella’s constant support, enlightment and direction we came out of that dark tunnel.
Clearly, without Mirella in our lives – I would dread to think how we could have ended up – we will be eternally grateful for her love, light, compassion and staunch support – she is our safety net!

Thank you with all our hearts Mirella!


Deciding to work with Mirella was one of the best investments I have ever made. I was at a point in my life where I knew something had to change but I lacked the confidence to make things happen. Mirella’s intuitive approach really helped me to dig deep into who I am and I have learnt how to manage my fears. Since working with Mirella, my health has improved and I have improved my business and work/life balance which is something I dreamed of doing but never thought possible.


Mirella is unique. I think what initially drew me to her was that unlike ‘standard’ therapists she had a multifaceted and holistic approach due to her training in conventional and alternative medicines, hypnosis, nutrition, yoga, meditation, eastern philosophy, and many other disciplines. What is more, as therapy progressed, I came to see that this was not just a job for her but a vocation. With the same dedication and passion that she devotes to her clients, she is continuously exploring and training in new methods. But overall perhaps her most special quality is her heartfelt desire that her clients not only overcome their present difficulties but reach their highest potential, mentally, physically and spiritually. She is a one-stop shop for well-being (!) and I have learnt a great deal from her.
Thank you Mirella!


Mirella uses a range of techniques that helped me move forward in my life. Looking back, however, I feel the most important variable was the unconditional love and support that she always exuded and was readily available as we worked on balancing and healing various aspects of my being. Even when she was direct and essentially asked me to examine aspects of myself that may not be as favourable as my ego would’ve like to believe, I felt she created a non-judgmental and accepting space. Still though, she earned my respect as a formidable and knowledgeable therapist, which I needed to respect her and allow her to help me.
I would never have been able to open up without genuine loving support, yet I would not have trusted her if I didn’t think she could understand the multilevel nature of the issues I was experiencing. What I mean to say is that her approach is integrative and goes beyond only techniques for the mind.
She had the ability to speak to me on various levels: she made recommendations to help me better care for and develop my physical body, she taught me tools for recognising and dealing with my anger and disappointment, and she acknowledged that there is a spiritual aspect to our lives, without getting into religious dogma. Working on each of these aspects individually created a positive feedback loop and gave me strength to go deeper towards the root of imbalances. She has an inner sense about people and their energy that underlies her diagnostics and medical training that is undeniable. I feel this intuitive sense is her guide, what allows her to be in the moment and apply her professional skills in a fluid and effective way. I never felt she was using a concrete protocol to address any given issue, but rather that she was applying and adjusting a range of techniques to help me as an individual with a good sense of timing. All of this allowed me to take responsibility for my circumstances and begin looking for ways to make improvements. As I put in more energy to make positive changes, she too gave more energy to me. The meditation sessions we practiced became the key practice, which ultimately unlocked my progress and gave me the insight I needed to integrate and stabilise all of the skills I learned.


Where do I start? I think I will need to write a book about my relationship and experience with Mirella but here is a little brief. I have known Mirella for more than 15 years and I couldn’t have asked for a more generous gift from universe to bring into my life. She is my teacher, my best friend and my guardian angel.
My life has changed and been changing dramatically since I met her, for the better obviously ????
Mirella is one of the kindest, most spiritual and most intelligent people I know, hold on and the most patient person I know, has never given up on me even when I’ve given up myself, helped me with everything from depression, anger issues, self esteem, self-confidence, panic attacks, phobias, work related issues, how to progress in my career, health ( all she has to do is look at me and tell me if I should take care of a certain health issue or another, you can’t hide anything from her ????
Mirella has also helped every single member of my family. She has literally saved my dad and brothers several times, my dad has had several heart attacks, lung cancer, a seriously bad lung infection that put him in an ICU room for a week, my mum’s heart, depression, blood pressure, my sister’s heart, my older brother’s heart failure and then heart transplant and all issues that come with that, my younger brother’s drug addiction, my sister in law and beautiful nephew.
It’s really difficult to put it all in few lines, one thing for sure is that I am always and forever grateful for having Mirella and in my life.

I love you Mirella to the moon and back.