What is hypnotherapy?

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March 8, 2017
Is there a difference between Pyschotherapy and counselling?
March 8, 2017

In Hypnotherapy we use hypnosis to support mental and physical wellbeing by releasing problems and overcoming any unwanted thoughts, beliefs and habits.

How will I feel? You feel relaxed and comfortable, you can hear everything the therapist is telling unless you enter a deeper meditative state when you can not hear the therapist’s voice and you may feel that the session only lasted a very short time.

You can also feel your muscles become rigid and feel heaviness in your body, sensations that disappear once the session is ended.

How do I feel directly after hypnosis? Fantastic, with a feeling of wellbeing all over. refreshed, relaxed and more optimistic too

Do I need to give up control? No, you are in complete control.

Can anyone be hypnotised? Yes but some people need more time to enter the deeper level of hypnosis.

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